Minnow: A Smart Water Meter

Minnow is a smart water meter that was designed for the CCA Business of Design startup competition in 2014. It was awarded first prize. 

Our vision for Minnow was to change people’s water use by giving them access to information about how and where they use it. 

Minnow is a simple kit that attaches to the water sources in your home and shows you how much water you are using, as you are using it. Not only does Minnow provide real-time water usage, it also alerts you to leaks, monitors your water quality, and provides you with tools to analyze your water usage over time.

Minnow is the result of an intensive three-month research and development project that I led in 2014. Using Human Centered Design methods we identified the lack of real-time water usage as the biggest barrier for families trying to use less water. We based our design around this need, believing that a better   understanding of how and when a person uses water was the first step toward being able to conserve it. Our product and research aroused interest from California utilities and we presented our work to Opower in 2015.